CoinSpace Scam Alert

This is a true story of a company, to whom tens of thousands of people trusted…

This is a true story of tens of thousands of people lost their money, lost their future and hope because they trusted a company…

This is a true story of a mismanaged and dishonest company, melting down Millions of Euros of tens of thousands of innocent people…

Once upon a time there was a company called COINSPACE…

This company offered people to take part in an exciting new era of digital money and promised people a bright future…

Once a upon a time this company decided to open an office in Turkey and the CEO Jerry decided that his friend to be the GM (General Manager) of COINSPACE TURKEY.

This Jerry was known in past as promising everybody everthing but keeping less then he promised.

Also this Jerry was well known as horrible in communication.

This Jerry and the GM of Turkey of course had a horrible communication as expected, though they were friends from past.

And after some time passed, this Jerry one day said that COINSPACE TURKEY OFFICE was frauded by the GM and a few leaders.

One day while this Jerry was sleeping and having a nightmare, he decided that he orders COINSPACE Global to lock 30.000 accounts of innocent people in Turkey.

This Jerry did this, so as to take more then 100.000.000 Euros of innocent people and make it in a such way that 30.000 people will be enemy of GM and go after the GM, and he could escape.

But this Jerry forgot something:
The official GM of COINSPACE TURKEY was his personal friend from past and GM was personally assigned by himself, Jerry.

When this point was mentioned, this Jerry tried to escape from the accusation by saying:
I am not responsible from anything happens in COINSPACE TURKEY, because I am not the owner.

On paper he was not the owner of COINSPACE TURKEY. ??????

So who was the owner of COINSPACE TURKEY ???? NOT COINSPACE GLOBAL ????

No !!! The owner was Moja who was paid by this Jerry, enough WELL PAID to take the risk if anything goes bad.

But at that time Moja did not know that this issue would be deepened and she would even be penalised via interpol, because of taking money of tens of thousands of innocent people.

So when Moja was warned by the lawyers about this, she saw that she might be in prison for tens of years.

Then Moja also began to press this Jerry to solve the issue, unlock and give back innocent people’s money back.

This Jerry tried to convince her to be calm that nothing would happen to her. But Moja saw the reality and reality was reality.

But this Jerry was determined not to give back 30.000 innocent people’s 100.000.000 Euros. Because he was idiot enough not see that some of this 30.000 innocent people was not “the mouse Jerry” but some were “the brave and crazy cat TOM” to do whatever it takes not be ripped off by a mouse “Jerry”.

In a time period Coinspace began to grow fast. Thats why this Jerry decided to have professional manager and hired Pat.

But unfortunately Pat messed up everything even worse because he had never been a proper manager before. Also he promised too much, and kept none of his promises and lost everybody’s trust.

Then this Pat began to talk bad about all the leaders to Jerry. So that this Jerry would hate the leaders and trust only to this Pat.

After some time, this Jerry saw that he had made a big mistake of giving this Pat too much value and authority. But this Jerry did not have the courage to fire him because he knew too much.


Once upon a time some there were some prospects and some distributors who read this moral story.

Some of distributors asked their upline about this moral story and some were fooled by upline.

Instead, some people asked about the reality of this moral story to the below hundreds of innocent COORDINATORS, TEAM LEADERS, SUPERVISORS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS and even DIAMONDS and above.

And the ones who asked the below list, saw the genuine, true people who lived this moral story and also saw the plain truth of COINSPACE SCAM.

Once upon a time there was a company called COINSPACE…

Here is the list of innocent CS victoms, who had achieved rank, Koordinator to Blue Diamond: